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You've probably heard of WordPress.  It's that blogging platform turned content management titan that even your grandma is using to share those amazing cookie recipes of hers with the world.  WordPress is the go to for many businesses, both large and small and at Notebleu, we make WordPress sing.  

We've developed custom plugins that integrate WordPress sites with obscure (and familiar) APIs.  We've written themes, customized others and implemented still more.  

Notelbeu even offers an up-to-date service to install and test updates to WordPress, themes and plugins in a safe, sandboxed environment so that you can be sure an update won't break your website.

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Projects Featuring WordPress Development

Our design and marketing firm was on the precipise of turning away future web design and development business. We had become so discouraged and disheartened by our experiences with other development companies that we were willing to walk away from it entirely. Then we had the good fortune of collaborating with Notebleu and everything changed. The level of commitment, follow through and professionalism is truly unmatched.

Kevin Roberts, MyersRoberts Collective

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