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L4 Digital approached Notebleu to build their redesigned website on WordPress.  The company had a beautiful, dynamic design concept ready to develop, but had not found the right partner for the project.  Working closely with L4, Notebleu delivered a robust publishing platform that L4 can use to quickly develop new marketing initiatives, and a pixel-perfect fidelity to their original designs.


L4 designs and builds mobile experiences for some of the largest brands in the United States.  They needed a website that would showcase their exceptional work, and tell a story about their company culture.  Notebleu worked with Notebleu to bring their design concepts to life on a platform that would enable significant future growth.


Notebleu worked closely with the design and marketing teams at L4 Digital to build their design concepts into a fully interactive web experience.  The principal goals of the project were to deliver on the design concept that L4 had developed to showcase their company, and to build a CMS that would ensure future growth of the website was not limited by limited publishing tools.  Building on top of WordPress, Notebleu developed a robust content publishing platform that allows non-technical content managers to develop beautiful interactive content for the site.  


L4 aspired to include complex scroll-position based animation effects throughout the site.  These needed to be developed in a way that would allow future content growth and dynamic incorporation of new content into the animations.  The company also conceived of a homepage background video that would loop, but begin at a unique starting point on each page load.  The effect is that content appears new each time a user visits the site, introducing the user to L4 one clip at a time.


It was critical that the website integrate seamlessly with L4's marketing and business development stack.  Notebleu worked with third-party web services such as Instagram, Twitter, MailChimp, and JazzHR.

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