Highspot was looking for a development partner to take their marketing website to the next level.  As the company more than quadrupled in size, Notebleu stepped in to ensure that their content publishers and marketers had everything they needed to make their website an effective sales tool.


Highspot built an industry-leading sales enablement tool that has saves companies thousands of hours and millions of dollars, while also improving their conversion rates.  Since 2016, Notebleu has worked closely with design, marketing, and dev/ops teams at Highspot as a development agency and thought partner.


Our goal at Notebleu is to approach every project with creativity and imagination.  Anyone can solve the problems in front of them, but we revel in solving the problems that no one has thought of yet.  This has helped us to be an effective partner to Highspot as they have experienced near exponential growth and an explosion in the popularity of their platform.


Our work with Highspot has run the gamut of modern website development.  We have worked on low-level issues such as server-side caching, performance tuning, scheme.org integration, and search engine optimization.  We have also implemented interactive tools that integrate with Highspot’s important support services such as Salesforce, Marketo, SendGrid, and Invisible reCaptcha.  We’ve even built responsive cross-client compatible HTML email templates for the Highspot marketing team.


At every step of the way, Notebleu’s primary focus has been to deliver Highspot exceptional tools and software that allow them to focus on innovating.  We thrive in the roles of innovative partner and crackerjack problem solver, and Highspot has continued to work with us because of their appreciation of those skills.

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