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Notebleu is a Design and Technology Company in Seattle, Washington. We work closely with our clients to deliver results-focused products that set them apart.

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"Beyond their talent as developers, the Notebleu Team's greatest strength is their willingness to take on any project or problem with a solution-focused approach.  Working with Notebleu is one of the greatest pleasures, and successful relationships, of my professional life."

Linden Mallory, RMI Expeditions


Web Design

Great design is thoughtful.  We approach each project with fresh-eyed curiosity and a well worn tool box of research and analysis techniques.  By defining clear goals at the outset and following a methodical, repeatable rubric, we’re able to quickly identify challenges and pain points.  Clever and creative solutions turn difficult problems into elegant outcomes.  The results are highly customized, innovative products that are easy to use and beautiful to behold.

We’ve designed business applications and games, marketing websites and apps - for screens of all sizes.  At Notebleu we enjoy the opportunity to learn new industries and our clients love the inventive thoughtfulness we bring to the table.

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Full Stack Development

As with design, we understand that each development project requires the combination of many disciplines.  Notebleu's talented engineers examine each layer that will be involved in providing a consistent, high performing application whether it will be running a marketing website, a custom business tool or an interactive app.  

We follow an agile, test-driven development process that produces results quickly and visibly while ensuring that the end product will be robust and extendable.

Notebleu’s development strategy depends on a diverse mix of platforms and methods.  There’s more to learn about what we offer, or get in touch to start building something great with us.

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