A Perfect Blend

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea


Two Leaves and a Bud asked Notebleu to update their home page and online store to reflect their personality. The new site need to be responsive and to work within an existing Magento framework.


Two Leaves and a Bud is an awards winning, independent tea company. Their mission is to provide a truly exceptional cup of tea to their customers.  To accomplish this, Two Leaves created a new way of packaging tea that allows for more complete infusion of their organic ingredients.


Notebleu first examined how Two Leaves and a Bud was using the Magento framework to sell its teas online. We implemented some small changes, like a review system and product origin map, that made the site more community oriented. Highlighting the personality of the company meant bringing the blog to the forefront. We also decided to feature tea tips and education so customers could quickly answer any questions they might have about brewing Two Leaves' teas. The overall effect was to create a more fun, informative, and community friendly website that makes tea more accessible for everyone.

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