Ekata (formerly Whitepages Pro) approached Notebleu to take on management and new development for their WordPress website.  Our first task was to free their content publishers from the frustrations of a limited content management interface.  We've gone on to build dozens of features for Ekata across their web platforms, including WordPress, ZenDesk, and Amazon Web Services.


The marketing team at Ekata felt locked down by their publishing platform.  With a constant stream of new initiatives, campaigns, and creative ideas, their standing implementation of WordPress wasn't getting the job done.  Ekata engaged Notebleu to solve that problem, and the success of the result has led to myriad additional collaborations. 


When Ekata described their difficulty using WordPress to its full potential, Notebleu hit the ground running.  We developed a new publishing method for Ekata that combines WP Bakery Page Builder, and custom design elements into a rich publishing experience.  Our philosophy was to create a modular system whereby consistent design elements could be combined in any order or configuration to create beautiful, effective content. The result was significant: a platform that freed the Ekata team to be creative in their campaigns without being limited by their platform.  The team can now publish in new and interesting ways whenever they have new ideas, without hitting development bottlenecks.


The success of our first project with Ekata has led to a steady stream of additional development projects, including customization of Ekata's ZenDesk Support Center, development of a data representation tool using Amazon Web Services and S3 for data storage, and custom WordPress projects to assist with an ever-evolving website.  

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