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When it comes to education, the learning environment must serve content in an intuitive and natural interface.  At Notebleu, we've spent years conceiving and refining online learning platforms for our clients. Our learning management systems provide easy-to-use, robust interfaces for learners, and simple, powerful controls for administrators.

Our clients benefit from our experience creating learning management systems that serve tens of thousands of learners around the world.  We've worked with social media platforms, professional development institutions, technology companies, and more, to build custom experiences that benefit their users and improve their market share.

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Engaging learning experiences designed to keep learners craving more.

We design online learning platforms with the user in mind, creating engaging interfaces that increase information retention and gamify progress.  Our learning management systems allow users to communicate freely with their instructors so that learning is customized and personalized to the individual.  We also work with our clients to generate dynamic multi-media content that keeps learners minds' engaged. 

Powerful tools for administrators.

Learning Management Systems aren't just about learners.  Administrators need to have tools that make content publishing easy and fast.  Administrators also need access to comprehensive analytics data that allows them to assess the effectiveness of their learning platforms continually.  At Notebleu, we build tools for administrators that they can use to manage thousands of learners and meet their users' individual needs.  We empower administrators to evolve their content and encourage frequent reassessment.  Perhaps most importantly, we bring the technology to our clients in a way that integrates with their existing knowledge and infrastructure.  We have built custom learning management systems for content management systems such as WordPress and ExpressionEngine, as well as popular frameworks such as Laravel and iOS.  Whatever our client's technology stack, our years of experience building robust learning management systems mean that we come ready to hit the ground running with each new project.

Working with Notebleu exceeded all of our expectations. Notebleu helped us to create a product that was even better than we envisioned especially with our tight timeline. They are incredibly professional, diligent and thoughtful in their approach to projects.

Amy Huff, Senior Product Manager, US Books, Amazon

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