Splash International needed a partner to evolve their ExpressionEngine website.  Notebleu stepped into that role, improving the content management tools for the site, implementing responsive behavior on key pages, and developing new templates to deliver on key organizational goals.


Splash builds and maintains clean drinking water projects in developing areas around the world.  We worked with stakeholders at Splash to understand their needs so that Notebleu could deliver rapid, targeted updates to make Splash effective in the outreach component of their mission.


At Notebleu, we believe that the role of the technology partner is to provide well-rounded solutions that capture both the current, and future needs of the organization.  Since 2015, we have worked with Splash to implement forward-thinking web technologies that will allow the organization to continue to evolve their website with limited Developer involvement.


Our first project with Splash was an integration with the Salesforce iATS Payments platform for donation gathering.  It was critical that donations integrate seamlessly with the Splash website in a mobile-optimized, easy-to-use web form that fit the Splash aesthetic.  It was equally vital that as the form adapted to meet the needs of Splash’s development team, it would continue to function in the website without further development effort.  We accomplished this through close study of the iATS platform, and exhaustive planning for possible future requirements of the integration.


Since that first collaboration, Notebleu has worked with Splash on a number of key projects.  We have integrated Tableau data visualizations into customizable landing pages, created flexible content management features for managing complex layouts on the site, and consulted with Splash on infrastructure improvements and performance enhancements.  The partnership has helped free Splash in their content objectives for the website.

Working with Notebleu has been an outstanding experience.  From the beginning it was clear that Notebleu understood our needs and were capable of taking on our project to ensure our requests were met while taking in to account our limited budget and short time frame.

Ryan Trude, Splash International

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