Are My Lights On Seattle


Are My Lights On is a simple server-side application that checks if an address is experiencing a power outage and can notify users by text or email.


This is a small project conceived on a windy night in Seattle.


Electrical outage can lead to failure of important systems in the home.  When this is the case, it is vital to know when a power outage is happening, especially while away.  Are My Lights on uses City of Seattle's service outage API and a location calculation based on AssemblySys' point-in-polygon algorithm to determine if a given address is experiencing loss of power.  If the power is out, the application will send a text or email message to the user.  When power is restored an additional notification is sent.  The application may be set to run at an interval using crontab on a Linux server and may be configured with multiple addresses and notification preferences.


This application is not associated with or overseen in any way by the City of Seattle or Seattle City Light, please test its functionality in your own usage situation and note the disclaimer below.

A note from Seattle City Light:

"Disclaimer: The outage data posted on this web site is based on estimates and projections, and no representation is made that the posted materials are comprehensive or free from error or fit for any particular purpose or use. Please note that during emergency or large outage situations, the data available may be limited, delayed or not totally accurate, as circumstances are constantly changing. Although Seattle City Light will post the best data that is readily available, the outage information is provided "as is" without any guarantee or warrantee of any kind, expressed or implied. City Light does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the reliance, use, accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information. Use of this website is permitted subject to the above disclaimers."

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