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Notebleu worked with the Amazon Books team to create a workflow management tool for their editorial staff.  From article conception to publication, the tool was built to encourage collaboration and reinforce publishing best practices.


Omnivoracious (the Amazon Book Review) aggregates content from the Amazon editorial staff, celebrities and authors to provide a well rounded resource for book lovers and aficionados.  Since 2011, Amazon Book Review has products author interviews, curated Amazon's Best Of lists and provided insightful commentary on literature from comic books to novels.


Notebleu worked closely with the editorial staff at Amazon Books to develop a platform that would redefine efficiency for their team.  It also needed to be easy to pick up for new contributors.  We built a calendar based content management system that made scheduling and finding articles intuitive and fast.  To aid with the editing process, we built custom JavaScript tools to track changes and validate content in real time.  It was essential to integrate with Amazon's online library of print and Kindle books, but finding and adding book pages to articles had been identified as one of the major pain points in the publication process.  To solve the problem, Notebleu developed software that builds content aware links in the background as the article is typed.  The end result was a a system that let the team focus on content rather than checklists.

Working with Notebleu exceeded all of our expectations. Notebleu helped us to create a product that was even better than we envisioned especially with our tight timeline. They are incredibly professional, diligent and thoughtful in their approach to projects.

Amy Huff, Senior Product Manager, US Books, Amazon

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